International and continuous training, with constant updating on specialist topics and interventions as didactic speakers / lecturers and Experts in the context of major sector events.

Daily contact with international Partners for the management of current tasks and for on-site support to the Customer departments who manage IP / IT related issues.

Professionals have direct experience in companies, also following dedicated secondments and / or as company Legal Counsel.

They have developed a competence based approach and interaction with all the other Professionals who usually follow specific contiguous sectors.

years in IP/IT


international Clients


Gianluca Carobene


Alberto Storti


Manuela Sferrazza

MF Legal Award 2021 CP IP IT MA



Alessandra Cassone


Annarita Nicoletto


Alessandra Magosso


Gaetano Perna


Gianluca Rossoni


Valentina Trevisan

Specialist collaborations

We relie on a trust network of Professionals, in Italy and abroad, in order to ensure the best coordination in the management of business protection needs.

We directly manage a trust network of qualified technicians, patent engineers, IP and IT specialists of international standing for the best management of complex tasks and for the enhancement of the intangible asset.


Società Italiana Brevetti S.p.A.

Intellectual property consultancy since 1882.


Barzanò & Zanardo.

A solid tradition in the protection of creativity, innovations and creations of the human mind, since 1878.

Cantaluppi & Partners

Innovating means facing the challenges of one’s time. Protecting ideas means overcoming these challenges.

Selling on marketplaces is a strategic choice

M101 Srl “Selling on marketplaces is a strategic choice”

Marketplace projects, consulting, assistance and training.

Amazon consultancy: how to develop the optimal market strategy and execution to sell on Amazon.

Carobene & Partners®

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