The Firm offers consultancy in the field of intellectual property (works of art and literature, musical compositions, new digital works), even in complex and highly technical disputes.

The Firm’s Professionals work in the field of industrial property protection (trademarks, patents, business secrets, designs and other distinctive signs). They are members of the most relevant associations in the IP field, they intervene as speakers and lecturers on specific topics of the Online-IP

Active support is offered to companies in the management of intangible assets: examination and registration of the sign, protection in case of violation, active monitoring and transfer / license of intangible assets.

The Service

Protection of the company's intangible assets

Protection of industrial design

Protection of industrial design works from the point of view of intellectual property and from the point of view of industrial works. Design registration process and protection against counterfeiting.

Copyright protection

Protection of intellectual property against plagiarism and counterfeiting. Management and support in bargaining for the sale or acquisition of intellectual property.

Computer software and programs

Protection in the event of counterfeiting of the source code or user interface. Software patenting and protection as an intellectual work.

Trade and Service Mark

Trademark consultancy. Registration of the sign, protection from counterfeiting, sale contracts. Priority searches. Drafting of Brand Guidelines.

Patents and inventions

Patent consultancy. Registration of the patent invention, protection from counterfeiting, assignment contracts. Priority searches.

Industrial secrets & NDA

Support in the choice between patentability and protection of industrial secrets. Drafting of confidentiality agreements, protection in case of violation. Compensation for damages.

Domain names

Interventions to protect the company from illegal behavior such as cybersquatting and domain grabbing.

Other distinctive signs

Interventions to protect the company’s intangible assets. Drafting of appraisals for the enhancement of company intangible assets.

Previous projects

Case studies

Experience: copyright

Drafting of a reasoned opinion on the prospects for the protection of unpublished work and consequent operational plan for maximizing the economic return in favor of the Author.

Experience: domain names

Twenty years of experience in the management of judicial and arbitration procedures as well as in the administrative proceedings of disputes, recovery and bargaining of domain names.

Experience: NDA and LOI

Full-bodied track record in the drafting and negotiation of Letters of Intent, supported by confidentiality agreements both in corporate transactions and in the context of co-development and internationalization agreements.