The firm becomes an outsourced legal department for client companies. It intervenes in all sectors of activity, from contracts, to relations with suppliers, to the planning of business projects.

We support companies from birth, offering assistance in developing a legal compliant business plan. We support the corporate transformation, assisting the internationalization process.

We collaborate in the launch of the online business and in the growth of the company’s digital presence. We assist in carrying out M&A operations (mergers, demergers, transfer of shares, generational transfers).

The Service

Ongoing consultancy to the company


Analysis and support in the drafting of contracts for the company’s core business.

Relations with suppliers

Support and management of relations with suppliers and collaborators. Legal assistance in the acquisition of services.

Relations with customers

Legal check and guidance in the acquisition of new customers. Assistance in the elaboration of business development strategies.

Internationalization of the company

Support in the expansion of the company towards new markets, in the outsourcing of activities abroad, in the planning of headquarters transfers.

Project planning

Assistance in drafting business plans in legal compliance. Adoption of organizational models for the prevention of liability.

Administrative responsibility

Assistance and intervention in support of the company and the employer held responsible for violation of Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Legality rating

Analysis of the risks of the company and the responsibility of the employer in case of offenses committed by employees.

Compliance 231/2001

Audit activities, preparation of organization and management models to be in compliance and to have a system compliant with Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Internal training

Events aimed at transmitting the basic concepts for understanding the legal implications in carrying out corporate activities in the sector in which the company operates.

M&A Mergers and Acquisitions

Support in carrying out extraordinary operations such as the creation of a single company from distinct business realities, the purchase of company assets, sale, business branch rental.

Generational change

Support in the generational transition, a delicate phase of the business reality that can lead to a business crisis. Assistance in the most convenient business choices in terms of business.

Corporate reorganization

Analysis of the company in crisis and design of a new development plan for the achievement of business objectives in compliance with legislation.

Previous projects

Case studies

Experience: contracts

Twenty years of experience in the examination, processing and drafting of corporate contracts oriented towards the rigorous (but also easily understandable and enforceable) regulation of corporate relations.

Experience: enhancement of the intangible portfolio and IP assets

elaboration and reconstruction of an IP portfolio strategy, through the enhancement of the company history and protection of intangible assets, also with coordination of the tax issues and tax Professionals for the related entries in the financial statements

Experience: business plan assistance for company diversification

Scouting and research of business opportunities, with subsequent assistance in the operational phase of research and development, development of commercial and marketing strategies, up to the exit strategy.

Experience: patent infringement dispute

Active defense in complex cases of alleged patent infringements in the 4.0 industrial machinery sector and negotiation of settlement agreements.

Experience: transfer of intangible portfolio and due diligence

Reconstructive due diligence of the intangible portfolio and transfer agreements of the same, with recognition of royalties and corporate incorporation for co-branding.

Experience: dispute over illegal use of industrial software

Coordination of the defense pool and management of the appraisal and negative assessment phases.